3 Sep 2018 - 4 Sep 2018 | Oslo, Norway
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3 Sep 2018 - 4 Sep 2018
Oslo, Norway

Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are also invited to present their project ideas for the “Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing” Theme in Horizon 2020, for the upcoming 2019 Horizon 2020 Health Call, in the form of "Flash Presentations".

SME representatives and organisations from EU-13 countries looking to participate in the upcoming calls are especially encouraged to present their expertise and project idea.

These flash presentations will be selected before the event, following submission of a presentation proposal. Selection will be based on their fit in the sessions domains (Better health and care, Digital transformation in Health and Care, Cybersecurity) and on their degree of general interest. The presentations will last no more than 5 minutes and should ideally be held by prospective coordinators. Please note that the number of slots available for flash presentations is limited and that not all entries can be selected.

If you wish to hold a flash presentation during the brokerage event, please download the template here and submit your presentation to  Osloflashpresentations@gmail.com before 17th August 2018. Presentations failing to follow the template and the instructions therein, especially presentations exceeding the allowable number of slides, may be rejected without further consideration of their content or quality.

Plenary Session

- New opportunities for health research and innovation in H2020 - Amalia Irina Vlad, European Commission

- How to prepare the successful H2020 proposal - Alejandro Piris, coordinator of MoTriColor project

Session 1: Better Health and Care

1. Marilou Ramos, GIGA Institute – University of Liège, Belgium, "Partnerships for Human Cell Atlas and Regenerative Medicine calls"

2. Hervé Petite, Laboratory for Osteoarticular Bioengineering and Bioimaging, France, "Regenerative Medecine in Orthopaedics"

3. Birgit Nelsen-Saltz, Lonza, Switzerland, "Non-viral Cell Therapy"

4. Björn Meyer, Gaia, Germany, "Evidence-based internet interventions by GAIA: Opportunities for collaboration"

5. Agnieszka Skotarczyk, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

6. Andrius Petrėnas, Biomedical Engineering Institute, Lithuania, "Personalized Wearable Technologies"

7. Charles Betz, Luxinnovation, Luxembourg, "(Trusted) Partners from Luxembourg"

8. Przemysław Dorożyński, Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Poland, "Novel active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations, technologies"

9. Torkild Visnes, Sintef, Norway, "Opportunities at SINTEF biotechnology and nanomedicine"

10. Agnieszka Sznyk, Institute of innovation and responsible development, Poland

11. Iana Buch, Polygene AG, Switzerland, "Animal and cellular models of human disease"

    Session 2: Digital Transformation in Health and Care

    1. Amedeo Amedei, University of Firenze, Italy, "Project idea for DTH-01-2019"

    2. Marije Block, National Foundation for the Elderly, Netherland

    3. Barış Bulut, Enforma, Turkey, "Context aware secure smart personalized remote healthcare"

    4. Sissel E. Husebø, University of Stavanger, Norway, "Computer Aided identification of Fatique in Cancer Survivors"

    5. Patrik Jonsson, Axians, Sweden, "Live My life the way I would like to"

    6. Andreia Moreira, Glintt, Portugal, "MedOn: Reconciliation Therapy"

    7. Jama Nateqi, Symptoma, Austria, "Building the artificial doctor"

    8. Maurizio Ortali, Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy, "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Infrastructures for Clinical Research"

    9. Nuno Pimenta, Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior, Portugal, "Virtual Assistant to facilitate self-care in older people with type 2 diabetes"

    10. Maria Grazia Rosa, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy

    11. Hamit Yasasin, Tiga Information Technologies Inc, Turkey, "Turkish  National e-Prescription System"


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